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To be considered among the premier Geographical & Geospatial Information System service companies in the energy, governmental, and digital industries by our customers, competitors and agencies

Our vision is finding innovative ways to increase clientele efficiency and profitability via GIS-related technology and services. We believe that geographic understanding is instrumental in helping develop solutions to issues on organizational, regional and global levels. Our passion, through the utilization of GIS technology, is to accelerate the success of organizations and introduce entrepreneurial-esque GIS to both existing and new markets around the world.


SIS is committed to improve its quality of services, widen the services range and broaden its business across borders to help sustain profitable growth, adding value to its shareholders and satisfy its customer’s expectations

Our mission is to serve our clients by ensuring that they have easy access to and ability to properly leverage their GIS technology. This is performed through utilizing the any GIS product suite, developing desktop and web GIS solutions to simplify interaction with geospatial data by all organizational users, and through our system integration, data conversion and management services


Our Services .

below are our key services


GIS System Development

Reimagining location using the latest innovations, intelligence and technologies for GIS Application Services and Business Solutions.

Spatial Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

Explore, discover and refine data's using a set of intuitive analysis and smart mapping to guide and transform raw data into useful information.

System Integration, Web-GIS & Mobile Apps Development

Streamline workflows and drive digital transformation with data interoperability and enterprise integration to modernize processes, technologies, capabilities and cost efficiencies across multiple platforms.

Spatial Data Management Solutions and GIS Cloud

Collect, store, manage, enhance, share and empowering GIS data to make decisions and enhancing productivity across organisation.

AR/VR Solutions & IOT

Specialisation in real-time visualisation, Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) solutions & Internet-of-Thing (IOT) applications.

GIS Project Management & Consulting

Our teams strive to support, manage the scope, schedule, and budget of a project using proven methodologies that support business objectives and provide long-lasting benefits to organisation.

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